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our story

Our song started to play in 2009 at the All Points West music festival, where our mutual friend, Lauren, introduced Ben and me for the first time.  Little did we know that the music would last forever.  That passing meeting led to our falling in love three years later at – yep, you guessed it – another concert series.


In those three years, Ben and I were fast friends, checking in on each other periodically, each secretly wishing the other would make a declaration of affection.  Then in one of those brief, hi-how-ya-doin’ notes I sang every few months, I asked Ben if he’d like to tag along on one of my street photography expeditions.  He said yes.


We met in his beloved Greenpoint, and we walked for miles and miles.  I guess you could say the music got louder then – we walked and talked in circles about our feelings for each other until we left that second fateful concert series, PS1’s Warm Up.  Neither of us really confessed our feelings until parting, when Ben said, “If you ever need a change, you can shack up with me.” 


I walked away smiling, and by the time I got home, Ben’s follow-up email had arrived.  It was one I read about one hundred times!  Weeks passed quickly, filled with flurries of affectionate emails.  The emails led to dates which led to serious musings on our future which led to our engagement and where we are today – so excited to spend the rest of our lives “shacked up” together as husband and wife! 


It’s music to our ears.